Malaysia  Badminton Experience (MBE) has been created by a group of former players, coaches and badminton enthusiasts. We have come together in Kuala Lumpur with the vision of creating unintegrated badminton training & travel experience.

Our team have come together because  Malaysia, with Kuala Lumpur at the heart, is perfect for high performance training and high-quality down-time.

Put simply Malaysia is crazy for badminton! And it is here that we can share our vision of PLAY-TRAIN-TRAVEL with the world.


We only work with qualified Malaysian or International coaches and selected local academies in order bring a world class badminton experience to our customers.

First and foremost, we are dedicated to player improvement.  However, we understand that improvement should not come at any cost and so we prioritise the health of our athletes as they work in our program. Further, for any training to be sustainable, the journey of learning as well as the destination, must be worthwhile. We strive therefore to create a balance between hard work and enjoyment through learning.

Our team of coaches have widely studied different philosophies of the game. In essence, we blend traditional ‘Eastern’ values of hard work, discipline and mastery of skills, with so-called ‘Western’ methods that emphasise technical understanding, measurable progress and positive reinforcement. Only in Kuala Lumpur, where the great cultures of the badminton fraternity meet is such an approach possible. 


Malaysia Badminton Experience  operates with policies in respect of:


All of our students or guests will be giving a health and safety briefing upon arrival to understand the dos and don'ts of training in Malaysia.We operate a strict health and safety policy for all the players undertaking our program.


Our coaches and staff operate and implement our policies in respect of students under the age of 18. We will also seek to work with any group leaders to implement additional measures that may be required for groups coming to Malaysia.


Malaysia Badminton Experience operates a strict non-discrimination policy that respects people based on the gender, age, religion or ethnic background.


Malaysia Badminton Experience is a collaborative effort and we appreciate your feedback and questions. You can reach us via;

  • Email at
  • Whatsapp text or call at  +60163287168 
  • Submit your inquiries and interest via form below
  • Facebook message us

Til then, Carpe Diem and see you at the podium, healthy-fun-athletic-wanderluster!!!