Malaysia Badminton Experience is a unique badminton journey for those seeking high level badminton and an exciting travel experience.

We offer badminton training and vacation packages for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are an aspiring professional, or just a wandering badminton soul, we have something that will suit your taste and budget.

Read on to find out more about how to create your very own special Malaysia Badminton Experience….


Group & Individual Training

Work directly with some of Malaysia’s top independent badminton coaches.

We have tailored programs that cater for individuals, and group programs for six persons or more.

Beginner, improver, advanced and expert level courses are all available.

Coaching Methodology

A structured program will achieve results quickly at the same time as maintaining athlete health.

Our qualified coaches follow program guidelines based on methodologies developed in Malaysia, the UK and approved by the World Badminton Federation..

We strive to create an appropriate and supportive environment, that allows our students to flourish and tackle new challenges without fear of failure..

Using these techniques, we believe improvement can be guaranteed. Are you ready to take the challenge of training in Malaysia?


A Rich Badminton Heritage

Malaysia is a worldwide magnet for badminton.

With a comfortable climate, ideal for sustained training, and passionate fans, Malaysia has produced dozens of champions, past, present and future. All of the World’s players regularly come here to excite the home crowds in one of Malaysia’s most popular mainstream sports.

Wonderful Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is also a tourist heaven, with beautiful beaches and some of the best cuisine you will find anywhere!

The Capital Kuala Lumpur has a reputation as one of South-East Asia’s most culturally vibrant and dynamic cities. A traveller's crossroads, KL is also an increasingly important business hub, due to a favourable location and modern city infrastructure.


Indulge Malaysia

After your hard work, enjoy in the delights of one of the most stunning and sought after destinations in South East Asia....

Malaysia boasts impressive tropical paradises, high altitude mountains, abundant beaches, , and a rich multi-cultural history. Don't miss out on the rich tastes of regional Malaysian cooking, which has embraced for centuries the world's most delicious flavours.

Visitors to the capital, Kuala Lumpur are stunned by the exquisite beauty of the Twin Towers which, coloured in luminous pearl and silver, inspire millions of visitors from around the world.

With so much on offer, why not add an indulgent finishing touch to your
Malaysia Badminton Experience….

" There's nothing better than great sports and great vacations... "



With our performance package, designed for those that are ready to take the ultimate training challenge and bring their game to the next level. Bring your game face!



With our social package, designed for those that love their daily badminton dose, but want to maintain some energy to explore and meet new friends around Malaysia.



Our special family package is aimed toward groups who share integrated accommodation. Ideal for mum and dad to explore KL while the teenagers are hard at work training during the daytime.


" We’ve been to Malaysia for more than 5 times so far. And for the past 3 trips managed and coordinated by MBEKL are definitely the best of them. Efficient in logistics arrangement, quality facilities and training partners; MBEKL meet all of our expectations for a tournament preparation needs."

"Excellent training by friendly professional coaches by the day, great social life in KL by the night. Other than significant progress and improvement for my badminton skills at the end of the program, I’m also impressed by the accommodation, location and Malaysia great foods! On the second trip, I managed to meet the legendary Lee Chong Wei and take a memorable picture with him."

" We were exploring something new for our family holiday and what a pleasant surprise programs from MBEKL have given us. My children really enjoy the training and most importantly what a great engagement and bonding session we’ve had as a family from this program. We also took the trip to Cameron Highlands and KL Tower. Lovely time spent, and we definitely be coming back soon."


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